Communities & Charities

Below are some of the community projects and charities Luton Junior School is currently involved with…


Arches Local

The school have engaged with a range of activities which have been run on the Millennium Green site. This area is being rejuvenated by the charity ‘Arches Local’ and the school has been fortunate enough to support them in this task. The pupils have taken apart in activities such as planting fruit trees and herb planting. More recently the children took part in the creation of a wildflower garden by making ‘seed bombs’.

One of the overreaching aims of the project has been to help encourage positive interactions with the green space so that children gain a sense of ownership and responsibility to the area.


We hire school facilities, including the hall and the field for a range of activities. If you would be interested in hiring out any of our facilities please contact the school office on 01634 844149 and ask to speak to the Business Manager.

Future Generations Foundation – Sierra Leone

Luton is involved in a very exciting project with two schools in Sierra Leone the Jey-Hey Preparatory School and the Medgaren Primary School where children between the ages of 5-16 years of age have been affected by war, many have been rescued from being child soldiers, others orphaned and others rescued from acute poverty. The schools have been set up and the Concerns for Future Generations Foundation charity support these children and helps them by providing an education.

We are very proud of all the work we do to support those less fortunate than ourselves. We are building links with these schools and supporting them in trying to make a better future.

The aim of the community link is to exchange letters and life experiences and help children in both countries see the bigger picture. We have already sent six crates with unwanted children’s clothes, old books, pencils etc to help them establish a school fit for purpose.

The children in the schools have sent photos and DVDs and we have reciprocated. This is a really challenging project and one that I hope your child shares with you. There is no obligation to provide anything but if you have any unwanted clothes for children between the ages of 3-16 they will be very welcome.

If you feel you can send in any children’s clothes, toys please can your child bring them in, nothing will be wasted and everything will be very much appreciated. We aim to raise money towards a generator and link through the British Council to eventually help with the building of a school.

We hope through sharing this story we can encourage other schools to work with us to improve these children’s life chances.

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