Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent


The Luton Junior School Curriculum aims to develop the independence, self-esteem and confidence of all pupils, enabling them to learn through a broad, rich and stimulating curriculum.

We are committed to providing a Curriculum with breadth that:
provides students with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life
prepares students for “life beyond Luton Junior School”
challenges, motivates, inspires and leads to a lifelong interest in learning
prepares students for further education
ensures students are fully prepared for life in modern Britain
offers a wide range of quality extra-curricular opportunities for personal development

At Luton Junior School every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our diverse community. Our Curriculum is underpinned by the teaching of essential knowledge, basic skills, concepts and values with a vision to prepare our students for life beyond school. We provide enriching opportunities to engage learning, vocabulary rich classrooms to enhance knowledge and discovery based learning opportunities to enhance our students’ skill set.

The Luton Junior School Curriculum is purposefully knowledge rich. It is designed to narrow the gap for disadvantaged students. We organise the knowledge to ensure that it is creative, purposeful and meaningful, and ensure that it is explicit to both teachers and students through the use of knowledge organisers for wider curriculum subjects.

Our Curriculum includes and builds upon the existing National Curriculum and maximises cross curricular opportunities. At Luton Junior School, we are passionate about reading. Our learning is based around a core text. Through text rich contexts, teachers in Luton Junior School develop subject specific knowledge. We aim to create cross curricular links through our core texts to embed rich webs of interconnected learning and provide a framework for future understanding.

Our Curriculum is designed to embed deep learning and mastery. We understand that all learners are different and that some children require even greater challenge to deepen their thinking further. We believe that mastery learning is deep learning that sticks and can be recalled over time. Our curriculum allows for recap and revision to ensure that the learning is firmly embedded. We feel it is necessary to have deep learning in order to meet the key objectives. In essence, we believe that in order to meet the objectives securely children need to have mastered them.

Our Curriculum is built on the belief that ‘Learning is a Journey’. Leaders, teachers, children and parents use this shared language to underpin the idea that learning is not just about reaching a definitive destination. We believe that learning is a process, not a product. We create environments, opportunities and stimuli for children to learn more, and to optimise their learning. The educational theorist and humanist Carl Rogers once wrote that we should aim to foster ‘a climate of trust in the classroom in which curiosity and the natural desire to learn can be nourished and enhanced’.

We appreciate that all children have different starting points and celebrate when they:
Make ‘Steady Progress’
‘Accelerate’ on their Learning Journey
Overcome a ‘Bumpy Road’ (challenge) in their learning

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