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Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

The Governors’ Role

Our team of Governors comprises a group of local people with a range of experience and expertise who are representatives of the local community. Many have a thorough working knowledge of the school and make a point of spending time in the classrooms with the children and staff. We attend training courses on all aspects of the curriculum and school management to ensure we have the necessary knowledge and skills to support the Head in the effective running of the school.

The main roles of the Governing Body are threefold:

To achieve a strategic view. We focus on helping the schoolís strategy for improvement so that pupils learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards.

To act as a critical friend. We provide the head teacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing upon members’ knowledge and experience. This is critical in the sense of the governing body’s responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness and a friend because the governing body exists to promote the interests of the school and the well-being of the pupils.

To ensure accountability. The governing body is responsible for ensuring good quality education in the school. The head teacher and staff report to the governing body on the school’s performance and the governing body has the right to discuss, question and refine proposals, whilst always respecting the professional roles of the head teacher and other staff and their responsibilities for the management of the school. In its turn the governing body answers for its actions, above all to the parents and the wider local community for the school’s overall performance.

We feel that Luton Junior School is privileged to have such a caring, well-resourced school with a highly skilled and enthusiastic teaching staff that creates a stimulating and exciting learning environment. The happy atmosphere in the school and the enthusiasm with which the children approach their work, as well as the high quality of work achieved, makes us very proud of our school. We have the greatest confidence in recommending our school to you for your child, and hope that you will come to experience for yourself all the good things we have to offer.

Chair of Governors

Caz Gilmore

Chair of Governors

My name is Caz, I am the Chair of Governors at Luton Junior School. Now semi-retired after a working career spent teaching all ages from Nursery to A level, I still feel passionately that all children deserve the very best education. I now work part time as a self-employed Primary Education Consultant, and I am happy to support Luton Junior School on its journey to becoming an outstanding school. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, crafts and travelling, and spent many years as a Cub Scout Leader in Medway.

Melvyn Phipps

Vice Chair

I have been fully retired since December 2012. Prior to that I worked for over 40 years in the City for insurance broking companies. This time was really enjoyable and I still miss the City, although not the commuting. I joined Beanstalk in February 2015 with a placement at Luton Junior School in April. Apart from keeping the garden under control (a man comes and cuts the grass) I enjoy making stained glass with a current project under way for my daughter.

My wife, also retired, was a Maths teacher, overseas and in the UK, in between bringing up our two daughters and being a parent governor at two local schools.

One daughter works as a paediatric audiologist within the NHS and the other daughter works as an account handler for an independent branding company in Dubai.

Adrian Barrell

I have been a governor at Luton School for about 18years. I regularly visit the School for meetings and class room visits and also have attended school trips. Both my daughters attended the School and I was asked to do the school discos and then was invited to become a Parent governor my Daughters are now grown up, but I still enjoy supporting Luton Junior School.

I work in the transport industry as a manager and have lived in the Medway town for 30 years.

Barry Probert

I began my career in finance and quickly realised that I wanted to pursue my life time interest in teaching. Spending the majority of my working life in secondary schools I understand the important role that schools play in the development of children. When I retired a few years ago I volunteered in Luton Junior School as part of the Beanstalk Reading programme. I was immediately blown away by the nurturing nature of the school and how hard it works to help support the needs of every individual child. I feel my experience can help support the pupils of Luton on their learning journey.

Toni Grist

Born and raised in Medway I begin my working career as a legal secretary, moving on to care in the community and working as a volunteer in a hospital. I joined Luton Junior School in 2007 supporting SEND pupils across the school and then moved to becoming a Home School Support Worker. I am passionate about our community and in my role I understand a lot of the adversities that the pupils and parents face on a day to day basis and work with the school and governors to give the pupils the best opportunities in life.

Phil Carpenter

Educated at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall and West Midlands College of Commerce achieving very little except for a few O Levels, a business studies and accountancy qualification, and a great love for cricket and football, although his taste in football teams leaves a lot to be desired!

After a couple of commercial jobs, grew bored with life in Walsall (who wouldn’t) and left home at 21 to move to Luxembourg working for a financial ‘Holding Company’ and met my wife.

Moved on to Holland with the same company for a year, where number one daughter was born, but one year on and faced with a move back to Luxembourg decided the lure of returning to the UK was preferential and a move to Kent as a Site Accountant for GEC was the answer.

8 years later and now with wife and 2 daughters to feed and the contract for GEC at Grain Power Station coming to an end joined Bose as Financial Accountant for the UK subsidiary.

Establishing himself as the head of finance for the UK he was promoted to Finance Director in 1991 and when the existing MD left in 1994 he took over that role. At the time Bose was hardly a household name with a turnover of a little over £m3 and very little brand recognition in the UK except for a few audiophiles.

The following 21 years were spent on leading various teams in developing the brand, its position within both the UK and Irish markets and successfully adding new divisions to the company structure whilst growing turnover to £m100. Within Bose, Bose UK was recognised as an excellent development organisation for talent, various employees having progressed through the UK Company to hold senior positions across the World inside and outside of Bose.

A strong people’s person, unafraid to make decisions but never too big to learn from others and appreciating the great debt he owes to Dr Bose, in particular, and other senior figures within the Bose hierarchy who not only provided wisdom, and support but also provided a framework individuals could grow personally and in a business sense. Retirement now provides the opportunity to use all the experiences gained over the years to help to mentor and coach those people and organisations who feel they need a sympathetic ear to bend and someone who can give them the courage and know-how to progress their own careers, businesses and lives.

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