Our Curriculum



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Junior Advocates

We believe that every pupil has a voice in our school and we learn from them. Through Junior Advocates, the children help us to understand the learning needs from their perspective. All children are given equal opportunities to be a Junior Advocate. The process starts with children self- nominating their peers to become Junior Advocates. From the long list of children chosen, peers shortlist and vote for pupils they’d like to represent their class as a Junior Advocate. Successful candidates are interviewed by the Headteacher and Subject Leads. Shortlisted pupils come well prepared showing their interest in the position and actions they would take to improve teaching and learning. There is a rigorous interview process and the adults select the Junior Advocates. The advocates selected have a clear focus on the changes they want to make. They show a good understanding of the ethos and vision of our school. They voice their concerns and come up with strategies to improve the outcomes of learning in school. Our Junior advocates have a clear vision of how to improve Teaching and Learning in our school.

Pupil Voice

Children help design their learning. They work closely with the adults co-constructing their learning throughout their learning journey. Children are actively involved and have a say in what they would like to learn and with the help of the adult, they design their learning. Children at Luton Junior School play an active role in shaping their learning.

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