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Develop skills and deepen understanding through individual strengths and achievements…


At Luton Junior School, we aim to develop skills and deepen understanding through individual strengths and achievements, with a focus on providing pupils with first-hand experiences. Throughout the year, children have had the chance to visit the local library, they were able to enjoy reading a variety of books at the library, as well as being able to borrow books and take them back to school. They have also worked with Mr Hutton, visiting local woods and our school field, to complete Forest School activities.




Since September, many educational trips have been arranged, to enhance children’s experience, and build upon their existing knowledge. We endeavour to ensure children have a rich and varied experience, therefore we encourage the use of public transport, children walk to and from the local train and bus network stations and use a variety of public transport– including the London Underground.

These include trips to:

Medway Park

In the past Year 6 went to ‘Medway Park’ as part of their ‘Paralympics’ project, they were able to take part in Paralympic sports as well as having the opportunity to test out specialist equipment used by the athletes, which enabled them to build a deeper understanding of Paralympic sports and the dedication of the athletes.

The British Museum

Year 4 visit to The British Museum, to explore the ‘Ancient Egypt’ exhibition. The children enjoyed the chance to look at ancient artefacts which allowed extended and make connections to their learning in the classroom.

The Royal Opera House

Children from Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to get to attend the opening performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ at The Royal Opera House. The children were entranced by this magical production and relished the opportunity to visit such a beautiful and historic venue.

Harry Potter World

Year 5 trip to ‘Harry Potter World’, to support and celebrate Year 5 learning throughout Term 2. The children were captivated by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and made many discoveries about the filming of these amazing stories.

Visitors to School…

As well as off site visits, children are able to explore the wider world through external visitors. These visits are designed to support children’s learning, giving them the opportunity to ask direct questions and gain instant answers from visiting professionals.
Our children are able to attend regular assemblies delivered by a local charity ‘The Family Trust’ who discuss a wide range of issues. The safety of our pupils is paramount, we arrange sessions run by the local emergency services.

Some of our visitors include:

Local MP – Tracey Crouch

Local MP Tracey Crouch visited our school to officially open our new play equipment. She enjoyed the opportunity to test out the climbing equipment, alongside the children!

Dr Kristy Howells – Paracyclist

As part of the Year 6 Paralympics project, Dr Kristy Howells, British Paracycling Champion, visited and spoke to the children about her achievements and how she became involved in the sport.
She was incredibly impressed with the work the children had completed and enjoyed the chance to answer questions the children had come up with.

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