Wider Learning

Wider Curriculum


As a school we offer the children opportunities to develop skills outside the National Curriculum, through a weekly clubs. Adults share the skills they have acquired through their life experiences and offer these to the children. Wider Curriculum activities have included: Ukelele, dance, basketball, arts and crafts, ice hockey, much more.

Wider Learning Videos

See below videos of some of the extra things our children can learn at Luton Junior School

Children’s University


In line with our vision statement and our drive to ensure all our children are equipped with skills for adulthood. We work in partnership with The University of Kent to deliver Children’s University.

Children’s University encourages children to try out new experiences, develop new ideas and acquire new skills through participation in a range of learning activities outside of the school day. These learning activities are designed to

Raise aspirations, self-esteem and self confidence
Encourage curiosity and a love of learning
Enhance motivation and build resilience
Introduce new life experiences

The children are given passports where they record the additional learning experiences; one stamp for every hour of accredited activity. On completion of 35 stamps the children take part in an in-school graduation and on the completion of 65 stamps the children attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Kent.

Some of the clubs include:
Hockey Club
Badminton Club
Reading Café
Youth Club

Outdoor Curriculum


In our drive to develop the pupils of Luton Junior School as citizens of the future and develop their roles in the community we take part in Outdoor Curriculum Sessions. Pupils learn how to protect their local environment, how plants and flora in their local area grow and develop as well as using outdoor spaces to bring the National Curriculum to life. Additionally new skills and knowledge that are learnt outside are also brought back into the classroom making relevant connections to their current topic.



Pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity to experience life-enriching adventures and make memories to cherish for life. PGL has been a great success for the past four years since we have been doing it. Throughout the weekend in PGL, pupils work as a team and push their own limits through activities such as the giant swing, rifle shooting, abseiling, canoeing and zip-wire. They grow in confidence and resilience and more importantly they have a fantastic time.

Here are what some of the pupils had to say about their experiences:

I faced my fearsCallie

Spending extra time with friends was so much fun, we knew each other better at the endPrzemek

I achieved things I never knew I could!Jenny

The zip-wire was crazy. It felt like you could see the whole word!Alex

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